Self-Important Data aka Fontos Adat Vagy official music video by NADRAGEA is on youtube now. The brand new track combines electro elements with harsh industrial sounds and cruel guitar riffs. Check it out for yourself here:

Watch : Nadragea - Self- Important Data Music Video 2021 Youtube


A re-edited, remastered edition of selected tracks under the name 'GOD UNDER CONSTRUCTION' is now available on many shit streaming platforms [such as iTunes, Spotify and other craps] for the first time.


Of course we are working on the new NADRAGEA album. Back to the FastTracker roots.


A collaboration effort with the Hungarian Aggrotek Industrial project, 3.N.D. turned out pretty cool and groovy.


Another remix work of mine where a complete destruction of the original song occurred. VVIRTUAL VVIOLENCE is a hard old-school EBM project from Oregon, US. I managed to rework one of its track.

Watch Vvirtual Vviolence [Blood Matrix] Dread Mix By HUMAN VAULT on Youtube


I have just finished my remix for the great song, COLD by the Hungarian Synth-Pop project, CALM-T. I created a video for the music that can be reached on youtube via the link below.

Watch Calm-T [COLD] Dead Cold Remix By HUMAN VAULT Youtube Video


Let us begin the ritual! Hooked up my legendary DIY instruments for further experimental sound crafting. Paranormal frequencies that seriously affecting your soul!


I have finished vocals for a cool electro-synth-pop song titled: COLD. The Hungarian project CALM-T delivers melodic tunes with heavy bass lines and groovy electro rhythms. It was a real pleasure to provide vocals and lyrics to the band. There is a music video made for the song which you can watch here:

Calm-T [COLD] Feat mortum 2021 Official Music Video on Youtube 


All gears have been hooked up and ready to record some extreme eerie and dark soundscapes for my all time death-industrial project, STONE WIRED.

Back to The Archaic Roots! MetaPhysics in sounds!


Gazdag Istvan, the mastermind behind the Hungarian Electro-Techno project, FIRST AID 4 SOULS, he pulled the original masters of the album, DARK TUNNEL, and remastered them with precise details. It sounds way better then ever! Great album!


The Slovakian Record Label ALIENS PRODUCTION for high quality electronic music has just released two of my works as digital format only.

END-TEK [Hollow Kulture]   <----- click on the title for the bandcamp site

It is a dark-techno-industrial outfit for human decay.

NADRAGEA [Adat] <----- click on the title for the bandcamp site

The latest from the cvlt Hungarian cyber-tech electro-industrial project.


IDEAL FATHER is an experimental Death-Industrial project from Sweden, a quite an experience I can tell. Daniel Forsman, the man behind the project asked me to join him for an audio act a few weeks ago. Of course I said yes, and now we are getting two tracks ready for future publication. What this collaboration will bring us we do not know yet....but an exquisite, raw electronic assault is already a fact.


Uploaded audio for the project, NADRAGEA. Official new record will be available via bandcamp however the rest of the discography is now here on this site for your artificial tech-pleasure.


Uploaded all audio archives for the projects; HUMAN VAULT and STONE WIRED. The [mortum] website now is officially launched. All Bandcamp uploads will be removed in time except the official releases. I spent a whole lot of time on this simple but easily functional site to be published so please do not complain about it. It is what it is! 

© 2021 [mortum], The Bronx, NYC
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