Experimental electronic musician from Hungary.


[music, vocals, lyrics]

HUMAN VAULT - Dark-Electro-Industrial with strong old-school vibe since 1997.

STONE WIRED - Death-Industrial with strong occult aspects and eerie, sinister approach since 1997.

[music, field recordings, sampler]

MORTUM - Dark-Occult-Ambient with no compromise since 2006.

VOIDMORF - Dark-Ambient collaboration project with attitude since 2015.

END-TEK - Techno-Industrial with melodic obsession since 2008.

[vocals, lyrics, sampler]

FIRST AID 4 SOULS - Hungarian Industrial Techno outfit with cinematic approach since 2016.

NADRAGEA - Hungarian Dark-Electro with strong experimentalism since 1999.

WILLFUL DECEPTION - Hungarian Old-School Dark-Electro Project with obscure and traumatic vibe since 2017.

ODOUR SONOUR - Death-Industrial / Power-Electronics with hatred since 2007.

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